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With the aim of expanding the culture of Persian poetry and its manner, chakaame began its activity in 2012 by establishment text message service to send Persian poems which have performed in Iranian Classical songs, entitled “Navanamay e Shajarian”, and we established chakaame to expand our activities...
After a short time, we released the most complete application of Albums and songs of Maestro Shajarian and Homayoun Shajarian (poetry and music), for the Android platform, and in this way, we gave the audience a more complete app for iOS, along with a selection of Persian music, it also includes videos and highlights of Persian music.
The chakaame website, which has been featured as the top five Iranian music website over the past four years, is our official media coverage for music events, singles, albums, and other selection music videos which we are continuing to develop.

Graphic Design and painting of Persian poetry is also part of the important activities on chakaame, which is known as “Chakaame online Art Store", and we have sent these product to thousand of artwork lovers from around the world.

We always strive to advance the culture of Persian poetry, Persian art and manner, and satisfy the affiliated community.